About Us


Our Outlook

State of Mine has been in operation for over 10 years. We have decided to expand our focus to include other affected groups besides youth.  With an eye on the future, State of Mine will now be working on awareness and outreach with the aging community, preparing families to transition to become caretakers, balance and care for all mental health needs, and further our work with the disability community. State of Mine also plans to continue working with youth, middle schools, high schools and colleges. 


Our Beginning


State of Mine was founded by Kelsi Clayton and Anisha Imhoff-Kerr, two teenagers diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Originally located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the young women sought a group that could adequately advocate and speak to their thoughts and needs. 

Finding that no such entity existed, the two created their own group to fill this void in the system. Formed in August of 2003, State of Mine began as a non-profit, youth founded, and youth run organization. 


Why Us?

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